Designed for founders & executives  (Available in a Half-Day Format Only)

When an organization starts out the leadership group has immense influence, so it's crucial that these individuals understand exactly what it is that drives them. When they can connect their purpose to their work, they are able to connect to their direct reports, teams, and departments in ways they never would have imagined. This coaching will guide you through the Why Discovery process created by Start With Why author Simon Sinek, allowing you to articulate the first draft of your Why statement and also providing ways for you to refine your Why & Hows even further.

Ideal Format: This is best as a 1-on-1 session, but if you'd like to include the entire leadership team, we can either do a series of partner sessions or make this a small workshop for up to 15 people.

Presented in partnership with Start With Why®. 



Explore the Golden Circle

We'll break down the model of Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" to create an understanding of every level and how they work together to make up the unique thumbprint of you. Then, we'll look at how your Why relates to your organization's Why, and how you can . 

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A Why Statement & Hows

Together we'll explore the origin of your Why through looking at past stories that helped shape the person you've become. From those, we'll craft a first draft of your personal Why statement. Then, we'll take other prominent themes from those stories to help define your Hows. 


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