Designed for individuals within organizations to discover their Why and take inspired action. (Available in Half-Day and Full-Day formats)

When we clearly understand our own Why, we can gain a greater sense of purpose within our organizations, contributing who we are at our best. And when we are at our very best, doing work that matters to us, the natural result is greater fulfillment. This is not only good for us, but contributes to the vision and the long-term progress of the organization. Designed by Simon Sinek himself (author, Start With Why), this workshop uses real data & stories to help you discover and articulate the force that drives your fulfillment in simple language that inspires action.

Ideal Workshop Size: 15 - 30 Participants

Presented in partnership with Start With Why



Explore the Golden Circle

We'll break down the model of Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" to create an understanding of every level and how they work together to make up the unique thumbprint of you. Then, we'll look at how your Why relates to your team or organization's Why, and beyond. 

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A Why Statement & Candidates for Action

After storytelling in small groups to help each other explore the origin of your Why, every participant will leave with a first draft of their own personal Why statement. Then, you'll walk out with some thought starters on how to start bringing your Why statement to life. 

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New Relationships, New Perspectives

Over the course of the day, your small group will connect through sharing stories & experiences and having insightful conversations. After the workshop, the effect of this bond between group members creates the opportunity for cross-department connections that would never have otherwise been made. 

What Clients Are Saying

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to companies of any size. We found it to be a really good use of our time and have been able to put it to work for us. Thank you!"

Graham K., Partner

"Matt has a great speaking presence – he put everyone in the room at ease from the start and we were able to dive in and be productive immediately – it was a great investment of a full day workshop!"

Amy M., Sr. Product Manager
Tempur Sealy International


"Matt was great! As a growing company still trying to define itself, this session helped a lot with gathering the feelings of the group and finding a 'why' that felt like home."

Chaz G., Solutions Architect

"[Matt] was engaging and delivered the information in a way that was easy-to-understand and apply."

Tammy H., Executive Director


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