Matt Dunsmoor


In 2016, after nearly five years at online retail giant & company culture trailblazer, Matt left to found Salt & Pepper 30s- an organization focused on helping businesses build more thoughtful, human processes and goals through reigniting the flame in company cultures. 

During his time at Zappos, Matt led teams & initiatives focused around scalable innovation systems, non-traditional progression systems, self-management adoption, culture development, digital video strategy, and much more. He now works alongside individuals and cutting-edge teams like Simon Sinek's Start With Why and evolutionary workplace experts Thoughtful Org Partners to unearth better ways to work, increase employee fulfillment, and give them tools to uncover their true innovative potential.   

Matt's background spans a diverse array of fields & specialties, including Corporate Innovation, Culture Development, Purpose/Values Articulation & Implementation, Product Management, Self-Management/Holacracy, Business Development, Change Management, Marketing, Progression Program Design, Retail/e-tail, Non-Profits, and more. As a millennial with this diverse background, Matt has an uncanny ability to relate concepts across his various life experiences, allowing him to connect with audiences ranging across the board. 

Matt is at his best when he's helping others grow and inspiring their “A-ha!” moments. He imagines a world where the need for work-life balance has been eliminated and workplaces are so intent on building powerful, supportive cultures that working people can just focus on living life.Salt & Pepper 30s was founded out of Matt's belief that wisdom comes from all places and ages, and when we all come in a spirit of collaboration, true innovation can occur. His passion around this belief shines through in each engagement.