Matt Dunsmoor

Expert Start With Why Facilitator

Matt is at his best when he's helping others grow and inspiring “A-ha!” moments. As an eternal optimist, he imagines a world where workplaces are so intent on building powerful, supportive cultures that working people can just focus on living life, rather than seeking "work-life balance." He is engaging, funny, energetic, and has great depth of knowledge with company culture-building, corporate innovation strategies, and purpose articulation & implementation.
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Start With Why:
Bringing the Golden Circle to Life

In this keynote, Matt shares a powerfully simple idea discovered by Simon Sinek called “The Golden Circle,” and builds upon it with examples and stories that bring it to life. This simple idea explains how great leaders, companies, and organizations that inspire us are able to do so naturally and consistently. “The Golden Circle” unravels the mystery of how we must think, act and communicate to inspire others. Here’s a hint: it’s not about changing who we are, it’s about understanding who we are.  

Keynote Highlights:

  • What we do becomes more powerful when we know why we do it.
  • The Why can act as a filter, giving us an alternative perspective on our organizations and even our careers.
  • Human connection through trust and authenticity is vital to an organization’s success.
  • Some organizations are more innovative, more profitable, command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike and are able to repeat their success over and over. You can too.

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What People Are Saying

"I really enjoyed it and am amazed at how easy it is to apply--how the physiology of change can be manipulated at no real cost!"

Tammy Hauser, CEO Blue Sky Thinking
Blue Sky Thinking- Nonprofit Management Experts

"Matt’s knowledge of the material is phenomenal – he was able to answer all our questions and show us how this would apply at an individual, team and business level for our company specifically."

Amy M., Sr. Product Manager
Tempur Sealy International

"He was engaging and delivered the information in a way that was easy-to-understand and apply."

Executive Director at The ADCC

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