Designed for business units & organizations who want to discover and articulate their team's purpose, cause, or driving force. (Available in Half-Day and Full-Day formats)

As simple as the concept of "Why" is to understand, one of the biggest challenges a team or organization will face is clearly articulating its purpose, cause or belief — its Why. While it may be felt, it can be difficult to put into words. Finding the words for our Why is the first step in being able to effectively communicate it, both internally and externally. Until it can be put into words, it’s very difficult to put it into action and nearly impossible to scale. Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Why Discovery Process, this workshop uses real data & stories to help you discover and articulate the driving purpose behind your organization in simple language that inspires action.

Ideal Workshop Size: 10 - 20 Participants

Presented in partnership with Start With Why



Full Context of the Golden Circle

Using the model of Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" to create a common language, your team will establish a foundational knowledge of every level of the Golden Circle and how they work together to shape your company's direction, culture, and products.

Photo Credit: Startup Stock

Photo Credit: Startup Stock

A Why Statement & Candidates for Action

Your team will leave the day with a first draft of the organization’s authentically-crafted Why statement--showing both Contribution and Impact. Additionally, you'll walk out with some starting points for immediate application of your Why statement. 

Photo credit: Military Health

Photo credit: Military Health

Unity in Message and Messaging

Over the course of the day, your team will gain a deeper awareness and appreciation of the human attributes inspiring your culture. Not only will you leave with a unified Why statement, but your shared experiences & stories will help you communicate the statement to the rest of the org.

What Clients Are Saying

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to companies of any size. We found it to be a really good use of our time and have been able to put it to work for us. Thank you!"

Graham K., Partner

"Matt was great! As a growing company still trying to define itself, this session helped a lot with gathering the feelings of the group and finding a 'why' that felt like home."

Chaz G., Solutions Architect