Matt Dunsmoor

 Matt Dunsmoor is the main contributor for Salt & Pepper 30s

Matt Dunsmoor is the main contributor for Salt & Pepper 30s


Hey, that's me! ^

I created S&P30s as a place to catalog new thoughts on topics that interest me, such as the future of work, social change, being an elder millennial, product management, web design, Holacracy & self-management, the humor in living these days, and even on occasion, men's fashion. My hope is that these articles and my in-person engagements will serve as a catalyst for personal & professional growth in people everywhere, enabling each individual to build a better world around them. 

I hope you enjoy the site, and if you're ever in Vegas, I'd love to meet you!

-- Matt

Now, the professional stuff...

While much of his career has been focused in the retail sector, his background spans a diverse array of fields, including Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Product Management, Personalization, Change Management, Self-Organization, Holacracy, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Customer Service, Non-Profits, and Culture Building, to name a few. Check out his LinkedIn for more details

A graduate of the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado with degrees in Business Marketing and Political Science, he was also a multi-sport athlete and served as a student body officer. He currently serves as a speaker & facilitator with Simon Sinek's company Start With Why where he helps companies more clearly articulate their purpose and values (see more here), and he's also a Partner at Thoughtful Org Partners- a group that helps companies transition from traditional management structures to emergent models. He's also frequently on the road conducting workshops and speaking at events on the topics of corporate innovation, purpose-centric work, how to enhance company cultures, and more! See more about Matt's keynotes & workshops here


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