Statements of Belief

While I wouldn't call these "Core Values" necessarily (to me, those need to be phrased as verbs so that they're easy to measure), I will say that this site is founded on certain truths that I believe improve quality of life. I've listed them below, and those with a link have an article explaining it a bit more in-depth. 

  1. Authenticity is Irreplaceable.
  2. Default to Ownership
  3. Default to Love
  4. Default to Trust
  5. Nothing Without a Sense of Humor
  6. We Over Me
  7. Project it Before You Expect It
  8. Aggressively Pursue Understanding
  9. The Foundation of a Great Working Relationship is Vulnerability, Humility, and Gratitude.
  10. Continually Raise Bars
  11. Do the Right Thing