Default to Love

This post is part of a series explaining the S&P30s Statements of Belief. See more here.

Statement of Belief #3: Default to Love.

In my recent post, “10 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders” I quoted one of my tweets about leadership-

“To lead people, you must first love people.”

I truly believe this; and it’s not restricted to the individual or even management level. This goes for companies too. The entire reason I wanted to focus on writing and consulting was to help people, whether it was helping them fulfill their dreams of starting a business, helping them help others, or helping them find ways to improve how we work. I choose to align myself with others who share my love of people because I honestly believe that we are on the edge of a change across not only American corporations, but global business—one that places the value of people above profits. I might be a naive millennial, but I’m excited to be a part of the movement.