Statements of Belief

While I wouldn't call these "Core Values" necessarily (to me, those need to be phrased as verbs so that they're easy to measure), I will say that this site is founded on certain truths that I believe improve quality of life. I've listed them below, and those with a link have an article explaining it a bit more in-depth. 

  1. Authenticity is Irreplaceable.
  2. Default to Ownership
  3. Default to Love
  4. Default to Trust
  5. Nothing Without a Sense of Humor
  6. We Over Me
  7. Project it Before You Expect It
  8. Aggressively Pursue Understanding
  9. The Foundation of a Great Working Relationship is Vulnerability, Humility, and Gratitude.
  10. Continually Raise Bars
  11. Do the Right Thing

Come Say Hi! 

I'm based in Las Vegas, NV, so if you're ever in town and have time for a drink or coffee I'd love to meet!