Creating a Culture of Innovation Through Shared Identity and Trust

Many of our readers know that my last job was as a software Product Manager at What not so many people know is that my primary product during my time in that role was an employee innovation platform. In addition to having a great team and amazing support in the role, this was my favorite product to manage because I learned so much. During my time on the team I did months of research on what innovation looks like at big companies, how people innovate at a personal level, and what factors impact each. 

On April 5th, I was lucky enough to get a chance to share some of my learnings with an amazing product team at Allegiant Airlines HQ in Las Vegas, NV. Since I'm big on transparency, I wanted to share that talk with all of you! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed giving it :)

PS- Just a warning that the keynote is pretty long and also that my bowtie game is strong.